PACS Viewer


TRA-MINW PACS Viewer offers our referring providers expanded features to the TRA-MINW Portal. While the Portal has some exam images, the PACS Viewer offers diagnostic quality images.

The TRA-MINW PACS Viewer requires a one-time installation. The PACS Viewer can be launched from the patient study within the TRA-MINW Portal.

Install PACS Viewer

Questions about installing the TRA-MINW PACS Viewer? Contact us at (866) 761-4200 and press 1.

PACS Viewer Features:

  • Seamless access to all studies for a selected patient
  • Measurements and calibrating measurements
  • 3D cross-referencing tools
  • Export JPEG images
  • Window/Level
  • Pan
  • Rotate & Flip
  • Reference Lines
  • Toggle Overlay
  • Series/Image Layout
  • Cine Loop

Contact Marketing for questions and training: email or call (866) 761-4200 and press 1.

PACS Viewer System Requirements

  • An Internet connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher, or Apple Safari 4 or higher
  • The latest version of JAVA
  • an email client application or web-based email service