Security Changes to Portal & PACS Viewer

What You Need to Know

TRA-MINW, P.S., launched a security enhancement called “Break Glass,” which allows health care providers, and their staff, necessary access to all patient exams stored on the TRA-MINW Portal and PACS Viewer.

 “Break Glass” allows users to have normal access to patient exams referred by their clinic, however, all other patient exams will require an extra level of security to access.

Navigating "Break Glass" is simple, but requires a few additional steps.

Search Tips in Portal

How to find your patients: Breakglass screen capture Search page


"Breaking Glass" acknowledgement and criteria

Breakglass screen capture acknowledgement

After “Breaking Glass,” you will have access to that patient study, however, any new exams not referred by you will require this process.

If you are consistently accessing your referred patients through “Breaking Glass,” contact us for a review of your account settings.              

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